Meet Jon

Jon has been married to his wife Meredith for eighteen years. They are the proud parents of three daughters, ages 16, 14, and 11.

Jon Ebel’s life has been shaped by his faith, an ethic of service, and his utter devotion to his wife and daughters. He is a husband, a father, a Navy veteran, and a university professor.

Jon is the only military veteran running for Congress in the 13th District. He spent eleven years in the Navy — four on active duty, seven in the reserves — serving as an intelligence officer. In 2003, while his wife Meredith was pregnant with their second child, Jon was mobilized for the Iraq War and served on the intelligence staff of the U.S. European Command in Stuttgart, Germany.

Thanks to an ROTC scholarship, Jon was able to attend Harvard University for his undergraduate education. He did his graduate work at the University of Chicago, and currently teaches in the Religion Department at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

For his entire professional life, Jon has been committed to helping students realize the American dream through education and hard work. But Jon has seen how our nation’s uneven playing field makes that dream harder to reach than ever. He is running for Congress to take on the people and the institutions that push working- and middle-class Americans down, profit from their suffering, and resist every effort to ease their burdens. He will fight Trump’s divisive, bankrupt agenda, and put his passion for service to work for all people in Illinois’ 13th Congressional District.