Why Jon is Running

Jon is running for Congress because he knows that our country is at a crossroads.

Trump’s first 200 days in office have been both chaotic and corrosive to our democracy. Stopping him and his reckless, vicious politics must be our first priority if we hope to carry into the future the qualities that make America truly great: our civil liberties, our belief in justice, and our respect for the rule of law.

Our current Congressman, Rodney Davis, is a Trump enabler. Rodney went along with Trump’s disastrous attempt to repeal the ACA. He voted to strip millions of their health insurance to fund a tax cut for the rich. Rodney won’t stand up for our families when Trump and Paul Ryan try to push through a massive tax break for the wealthiest Americans under the cover of “tax reform.” Rodney will do what he has always done. He will follow the lead of his party’s “leadership,” do the bidding of the special interest lobbyists, and leave working and middle-class families holding the bag.

But Jon knows the problems plaguing our nation’s politics don’t live on only one side of the aisle. Entrenched special interests and corporate lobbyists have too much power and too much control over politicians of both parties. In Congress, Jon will work to rein in the special interests, curb lobbyists’ influence, and put the public interest first again.

To turn our country around, it is vital to flip the 13th Congressional District from R to D. But it is equally important to flip “politics as usual” on its head.

Jon Ebel is ready to take on Rodney Davis and any other politician who puts party before nation and corporate welfare before the common good.

That’s why we need to vote for Jon Ebel for Congress. He’s Honestly Different.